Electronic Money

Recently people using electronic money for many payment purposes. It’s because of its simplicity and efficiency to reduce cash money for both users and sellers. Also Collecting small amounts of money becomes a challenge for both banks and business.

Because in most cases, the collections are executed using physical cash and conducted by dedicated collection people, such as salespeople or drivers, as agents.

For Banks

Collecting small amounts of money is not good in regard to economic scale

For Businesses

It is hard to monitor and reconcile

The advantages using SGO’s electronic money:

All of report is complete and real time

Easy and convenient for both users and sellers

It can be used to pay for utilities, cell phone services, and internet access, transfer money to others, pay for goods and services online and offline, trade and much more

Meet central bank requirements

People can control their fund and checking their perform operations by themselves

Already connected to Payment Gateway, for topup integration major bank in Indonesia

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