Digital Banking for Retail

Provide solution for Bank to provide digital platform for their customer to enable banking activity as daily activitiy those secure, easy and convinience. Bank also can optimize cost of opening new branch but at the same time, number of customer increased because digital channel is easy to access, easy to onboard through e-KYC and easy to use.

Enable fully digital process, from customer on boarding, KYC process, activation, transaction, adding more product, support handling. 


Top Up Wallet

Online Account Opening

Provisioning to Sim-Card

Archieved Account Statements

Transaction monitoring & notification

Merchant Management for e-payment

Ecommerce & Payments using QR or payment codes.

Other informations such as ATM locators, branch locators, agent locators, rates etc.

Integration to Card Management System (create virtual cards or physical cards, block cards, assign credit to cards, view transaction reports by cards)

Bill Payment

Investment Management

Balance alerts & notification

Create & Manage Time Deposits

Transfers to Account within bank or other banks

Current ongoing transaction statements

Secured with end-to-end encryption & 2 factors authentication

Wallet system (attach credit card to application) for O2O payment or e-commerce payments.

Transaction categories

Interface with Open API

One Touch wealth dashboard

Transaction reports by categories

O2O payment using QR or HP numbers

Multiple Platform such as Android, iOS, and Web based.

Consolidated Account management such as saving, deposits, investments, loan.

Customer services (can be connected to existing ticketing system or built in customer service module)


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