Authentication & Authorization Platform

Salt products satisfy customer  needs and requirements from different security assurance levels. SGO has various experiences in implementing various models of authentication and authorization in various electronic channel platforms. Our goal is to ensure that the customer is secured with non-disputed transactions and securely executed transactions from both external customer and also the internal team. 

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has already become a security standard for banking transactions and non-banking transactions. This standard is also adopted as a requirement for PCIDSS Compliance, National Banking Regulation such as Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (POJK).

Secure One Time Password

  • Method: Time Based OTP (TOTP) and Event Based OTP (HOTP).
  • Channel: Hardware Based (Hardtoken), SMS Based, Mobile Application Based (offline)
  • Adjustable digits


Challange Response

  • Challenge response with time validity
  • Channel: Hardware Based, Mobile Application Based (offline)

Transaction Signing

When convinience is maintained, while 2 Factor Authentication is also delivered securely, Transaction Signing is one of the methods for your customer to perform authorization with less effort using mobile apps.

  • Transaction info pushed to the mobile apps.
  • Notification alert to mobile phone.
  • Customer can see the detail before approval.
  • Customer can approve through mobile phone.
  • Can be secured also with mobile-security embeded platforms such as fingerprint, face-detection, iris, etc.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You also can have the combination of above solutions.

If you have already implemented a 2FA system and need it to be extended or replaced, our solution is to do migration/enhancement transparently.


Role Base Access Control (RABC) Authorization.

  • Reducing Administrative and IT support.
  • Maximazing operational efficiency.
  • Improving compliance.
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