e-Bank Guarantee

Streamline Secure Bank Guarantee Ecosystem. Improve customer experience and back-office workflow of bank guarantee (surety bond) from onboarding, approval, counter guarantee, and issuance in full electronic process. Bank Guarantee issuance can be paperless secured with electronic signature and electronic stamp (meterai).

e-Bank Guarantee Purposes:


  • Eliminate the hassle of applying for a Bank Guarantee, such as sending documents, storing documents, and so on
  • Simplify storage organization
  • Issuance of e-Bank Guarantee in the form of a secure file that cannot be changed (temper evidence).
  • e-Bank Guarantee can also be verified electronically so that it can be compared with the original data online.
  • The process is completely electronic starting from the application, document collection, verification, approval, insurance, to issuance.
  • Provide cross-selling opportunities for opening new accounts.
  • Provide “marketing” opportunities with fee-sharing provisions for special obligees.
  • Realtime notifications will provide information about related parties regarding Bank Guarantee that have been issued or waiting for approval.
  • Facilitate the registration and onboarding of bank guarantee applicants through the partner portal


SGO e-Bank Guarantee collaborates with various stakeholders ranging from obligees, insurance, and customer banks to streamline a secure bank guarantee ecosystem.

Facilitated with a host-to-host API to your procurement system to facilitate the procurement of goods/services at a mutually agreed time and also to ensure security by using an electronic signature and electronic stamp.



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