We provides solution

for banks to deliver holistic financial transaction solution from corporate, business, SME and retail customers.


Bank Solution Segment

Financial Supply Chain Management

SGO Financial Supply Chain Solution provides a platform for bank to deliver an integrated solution between business structure, business processes, financing scheme and payment channel to optimize customer’s working capital, funding, with measurable risks.

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Dow Jones Premium Watch List

Dow Jones Premium Watch List is a world-class reputable data source which accurate, comprehensive and up to date to help financial service industries to comply anti-money laundering and know your customers (KYC) regulations.

Anti Money Laundering Solution

CORAL iSEM is a state-of-the-art full parameterized workflow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorism Financing (ATF) Solution that enables financial institutions to comply with AML/ATF regulatory requirements.

SMS Banking, SMS Alert and SMS Broadcast

Start your customer’s e-banking experience with SMS Banking. SMS Banking provides easy-to-use & secure banking access using credentials such as a phone number, SMS commands, and Pin challenges.

Virtual Account and Online Collection System

Improve your business and corporate in collection process: upload, monitor, reconcile with easy. VA integrates business and financial transaction.

Digital Banking for Retail

A platform retail banking, to digitalize banking activity end to end from account opening, KYC,  transactions, funds management, card management, payment. The customer will have full 360 degrees account profile and capability to manage it, within the apps.

Digital Banking for Corporate

Extending corporate banking services to a web-based and mobile based channel. Allowing bank to operate cost effectively, improving branch-less corporate customer banking access, monitoring liquidity, and gaining real-time financial control.

Technology and Open API

It allows SGO’s platform to be integrated with all other application such as internal core banking or surrounding apps, or customer’s apps such as ERP, e-commerce, etc.

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Authentication and Authorization Platform

Secure your platform with adaptive two-factor authentication with multiple channels.

Electronic Money

An end-to-end electronic money system that covers account generation, add value, transfers, payments, refunds, including sub-ledgers, and ready to connect to national banks channels.

Branchless Banking System

Bank touch points need to reach rural areas and cash-restricted societies. Branchless Banking System (BBS), also know as “Laku Pandai”, extends banking services through agents partnering with SALDOMU.

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